How to control your appetite

How to control your appetite

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Weird but true: Using a blue plate can help you eat less. Find other surprising tips that can help you take charge of your diet.

Chew gum in the grocery store.

Maybe you have heard you shouldn’t shop for food when you’re hungry. Well, you might want to pop in a piece of sugarless gum before you head down the aisles, too. While chewing gum, people felt less hungry and had fewer junk-food cravings, according to two studies. As a result, the people bought fewer high-calorie snack foods, like chips, and brought home more healthy options, like vegetables.

Serve yourself healthy stuff first.

Whether you are having a meal at home or choosing from a cafeteria line, load your plate with the healthiest items first. Diners at buffets tend to take larger servings of the first few foods they see, a study shows. So, think before you start piling up your plate. Dish up veggies or whole grains before fattier meats and sides.

Use blue plates.

Believe it or not, the color of your dishes might make a difference in how much food you serve yourself. The more the food blends in with the plate color, the more chow you’re likely to take, research shows. So consider using plates in a different hue.

Use smaller bowls and plates.

The size of your dishes and utensils gives your brain cues about how much you’re “supposed” to eat — and a bigger dish means more food. In one study, people at a Chinese buffet who got a large plate served themselves 52 per cent more food, and ate 45 per cent more, than those with smaller plates.



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