Homemade Foods that Aid Weight Loss

Homemade Foods that Aid Weight Loss

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In today’s society weight loss is very important indeed – for health, obesity, self image and lets face it, for business. Weight loss is something that many people wish to gain and the methods to achieving this are wide and varying. What if it did not have to cost the earth? Good news. There are homemade foods which can aid weight loss. Let us consider a few of them;

10 Homemade Foods that Aid Weight Loss


are the hidden gems of weight loss and are often over looked. So what is so special about berries? They are often labelled as ‘a fat burning food’ and there are several reasons for this. Berries are very high in antioxidants and other nutrients which protect our cells including fiber which is a key component to weight control. Raspberries have a natural substance called ‘ketones’ which can prevent an overall increase in body weight. Berries are easy to eat and can be added to desserts, yoghurts and cereals.


Look no further than your local farm for eggs otherwise your free range choice at the local supermarket. Eggs are considered to be a super food – they contain protein, iron and healthy fats. Eggs make you feel fuller for longer and so you eat less after a meal containing eggs. New research from ‘The Rochester Center for Obesity’ claims that eating eggs can limit the rest of the day’s intake in calories by 400. This is a significant amount and so regularly eating eggs is a must for those looking for quick results. Nothing is more simple than preparing a couple of boiled eggs or an omelet. Add some salad or feta cheese!


is more talked about now for weight loss as the benefits have been experienced by many. Spinach, also considered a superfood contains green leaf membranes called ‘thylakoids’ which are beneficial to weight loss. A study conducted at ‘Lund university’ in Sweden found that while eating spinach it was easier to stick to three meals a day and less cravings were experienced by participants. Spinach can be used for soup, as a salad or even add it to an omelet.


It does not have to be Christmas or Thanksgiving to indulge in some roasted turkey and indeed the roasted turkey breast is the lower calorie option. Turkey is virtually carbohydrate free and is a food which can be used to replace meat, for example, turkey instead of hamburgers. There is no shortage of ideas for turkey recipes but the obvious is to serve it with some healthy vegetables.

Green tea

is considered to be a top fat burning food. It contains EGEC which is a compound that increases metabolism. Green tea could not be made easier. Make and drink several times a day to get the full benefit from it. Health Benefits of Green tea and how it reduces joint inflammation

Fatty fish

should be the number one choice for losing weight and staying healthy. Fish such as salmon and sardines are full of nutrients which speed up fat burning as well as containing omega 3. Fish dishes can be affordable, diverse and luxurious. Just add a squeeze of lemon, some herbs and you are ready to eat.


can help weight loss by tackling cravings which are when we are most likely to over eat the wrong kinds of food. Nuts also build muscle so if you are exercising this will benefit you.

Studies are being done to find out more about the properties of avocados in relation to weight loss. So far we know they contain 160 calories, they contain fat soluble fibre and monounsaturated fats, which are considered great for weight loss.



are the ideal way to lose weight – a bowl of oatmeal in the morning can set you up for the day and it maintains steady blood sugar levels, keeping hunger at bay.

All these foods can aid weight loss to differing degrees however it is important to also eat healthy around these foods. So sweet potato with turkey followed by a bowl of berries, not forgetting nuts for an in between snack for example.


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