Fitness and spirituality

Fitness and spirituality

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This post is designed to answer your numerous questions about how fitness can help you grow spiritually. Permit me to start by telling you that spiritual development is the growth of a person as a whole. However, your spiritual development can only move forward if you focus on all aspects of your life in which your physical well-being is included – Gerald G. May, MD/theologian.

Now, here are some tips as regards fitness tips that can help boost your spirituality:

1.    Eat better: Learn to eat foods that will not weigh you down, eat regularly and moderately. Cut down on foods that are likely to increase your weight, for instance feed less on carbohydrate and fatty foods; and add up on proteins. Feed more on fruits and vegetables if you can. Avoid too much red meat.
2.    Exercise more: Physical activities are boosters to spirituality. If you want to grow spiritually, I recommend you work out a lot; it will help you get there faster. There are exercises that can help in this direction. I usually recommend endurance training, strength training, flexibility training, and yoga and breath exercises.
3.    Change in lifestyle: Obviously, you need to change to have a better and a stronger spiritual life. Certain lifestyles have to stop, such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, flirting and so on. You have to do total lifestyle change to be a better person and also live a healthy lifestyle all the way.
4.    Be clean: Always ensure to be as clean as possible, it also works in this regard. Look as clean as possible because it takes only a clean body to house a great spirit. I believe cleanliness is next to godliness. Your body is a temple, so treat it as one.

It’s been good talking to you. I hope this helps. Please remember that these tips are for fitness only, nothing more. However, there are other things you also need to do outside fitness to grow spiritually. Discover them and do them alongside for maximum benefits.


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