‘Upgrade Nigerian herbal products to international standard’

‘Upgrade Nigerian herbal products to international standard’

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The Chief Executive Officer of Ayodele Herbal Farm, Dr. Isaac Ayodele, has reiterated the need to upgrade Nigerian herbal products to international standard.

Ayodele, who holds a Doctor of Science degree in Public Health, said that herbal formulae must aim at revolutionising the concept of herbal medicine, which was hitherto regarded as fetish, unhygienic and primitive.

He explained that herbal medicine, also called botanical medicine or phytomedicine, referred to the use of plant seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark or flowers for medicinal purposes — a practice which he said was acceptable internationally.

He noted that practitioners of herbal medicine and users need a new information order aimed at placing herbal medicine in its proper perspective in Africa and beyond.

Describing his farm’s activities, he said, “Within 20 years, we have transformed the concept of herbal products, herbal farm and herbal health care into a great brand, such as the allopathic medicine that can be used safely by people of all races, religion, sex, and socio-economic status.

“In our farm, we cultivate both foreign and local herbs through which we strive to improve the health and wellbeing of our numerous clients at home and abroad.”

He noted that in order to make for quality assurance, herbal drug manufacturers must use organic medicinal plants.

“This guarantees safety, standardisation and hygiene of products,” he assured.

He also said that in order to make such products acceptable to national and international audiences, they must be formulated and produced by professionals in herbal medicine. “These include pharmacologists and other specialists in public health,” Ayodele said.

He said that to this end, his organisation engaged in regular clinical trials of products in order to ensure their efficacy.

He assured that herbal capsules and teas had been tested and proved to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and low libido, weight loss and potbelly remedy, detoxification and improvement of digestion, as well as for fighting high sugar levels in the blood.

Explaining the place of herbal medicine in modern medical practice, Ayodele noted, “Precisely, we may have the advance technology now and modern medicines, but we cannot change the fact that the old remedy is still popular.”


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