The biorhythms of human

The biorhythms of human

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“Time is so fleeting that sometimes we just get lost in its cycle. Minute is replaced by hour, day -by a week, a month – by a year. The spring comes after winter, and the daybreak comes after the night.”


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Biological rhythms are strictly and responsibly doing everything what happens in the world cyclical and give clear verge to changes. The human body lends itself to this regulatory process – all this is thanks to the biorhythms, too. It is noteworthy that the female body is more sensitive to this concept, as the fair sexdoesn’t need the recalling about the cycling.


What are the biological rhythms?


Each person has a working capacity. He can perform a particular job, but the ability to this action is very limited (because he is not a robot, but a live organism). Most often these changes which happen periodically are subjected to the biorhythms. Each person combines a set of different biological rhythms – someone has more of them, and someone – less. There are three most common human biorhythms. And these are physical,intellectual and emotional ones.


The biological rhythms appear at the time of birth. They are growing and developing from now on. Then They slow down and begin to decrease. Then they rise again, and reduce again – it all happens in cycles.These changes occur from time to time with. They have completely different rates and periods. In most cases, the cycle lasts about 30 days. At the same time the physical biorhythm repeats approximately every 23 days, but the emotional one repeats after about 28 days. As for the intellectual biorhythm it is worth to say that its period takes 33 days. Depending on the stage of biorhythm (whether it is at the peak or on the decline) in humans varies ability to perform that work which is closer a certain type of biorhythm. If you study your biorhythms, you can quickly determine favorable and unfavorable time for the job.


What will the moon say?

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All natural rhythms associated with such celestial bodies as the Moon, the Sun and the planets of the solar system and with their movement. That is why the annual rhythm is a movement of the Earth around this light, which lasts exactly 12 months. But the monthly rhythm is associated with lunar phases. It is believed that the circadian rhythm is the shortest one. It is connected once again with the motion of the planet Earth,but around its axis.


Initially, it seems that all these movements, rotations, the Moon and Sun cannot influence a person. But it is enough to recall the course of the initial geography about such phenomena as the tides – just like the moon,the eternal companion of the Earth, affects the movement of water at the same way it affects each person. In ancient times there was the notion that a doctor who does not know “which the moon is today” cannot cure the person. Remarkably, modern medicine does not disprove this theory, but rather confirms it; because in times of new and full moon doctors noticeably have more work. It should also be noted that blood clotting increases in the new moon. On the other hand in a full moon bleeding increases, so it is better to abandon the complex operations during this time.


Why do we have ups and downs?

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Our ancestors lived in harmony with nature and, of course, were guided only by their biorhythms. They got up at daybreak and went to bed not too late – once the sun went down and darkness falls. But civilization has destroyed this fragile idyll and life rhythms are subjected to modern techniques, electronics and nanotechnology now.

However, in order to examine themselves and find out our abilities and capabilities, it is necessary to address to the lunar calendar, because there is their own clock inside every person, which “know” everything about us and this is the biological clock.


The theory about the three cycles (physical, emotional, intellectual) has appeared more than one hundred years ago. It received its true confirmation when one of the major airlines companies began to apply it into practice and evaluating the biorhythms of each person individually, the company began to reduce the physical, emotional and intellectual burden on certain days.


The result has surpassed all expectations. Pretty soon, the percentage of injuries and accidents which took place previously exceptionally through the fault of the staff, has fallen sharply. All this is again due to the fact that since the birth of the human all these three cycles (physical, emotional and intellectual) begin to develop until they reach the apogee, and then again its fall begins.


Biorhythms: the image for your own forecast

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Everyone has their own daily routine. It is associated with work, school, shopping on internet for example or family lifestyle. We all noticed how cheerful or drowsiness and melancholy can appear during the day the. This is the “failure” of biorhythms. If our condition is not so good, you want to sleep, everything goes wrong, there is irritability and nervousness, we often start to drink more coffee (a famous drink that gives energy). But do not forget that the problems with blood vessels and heart can begin from an overabundance of caffeine.


Can we learn to “be friends” with our biorhythms? Of course yes, because only in this way will be able to improve the nervous system and our appearance. It is enough to study the schedule and focusing on it, you will get a result that you need.


The most common human`s regime is as follows:


05:00 – despite the fact that this is the time of a deep sleep; the body is ready to rise because all internal organs begin to work.

06:00 – an increase in adrenaline, this is why many people wake up at this time.

07: 00-08: 00 – the stomach begins to work, so it is advisable to have breakfast by that time and it is a time when it is useful to apply cosmetic creams because the procedure will bring the desired effect.

09:00 – a decline in activity, so we want to “drink coffee” at this time on the job, at least, try to do very easy things.

10: 00-11: 00 – the “lift” of working capacity and it is a good time for physical and mental work.

12:00 – The first fatigue, now we can relax a bit and have a coffee or tea.

13:00 – lunch and that’s it, a large number of gastric juice is produced in during this period

14:00 – the highest demand as at that time working capacity increases greatly.

15:00 – the highest activity for the internal organs, especially of the bladder (cleansing teas can be drunk now).

16:00 – another rise in activity, but this time the physical activity rises and the mental one is declining – it is desirable to take a walk or do exercises and relax a bit.

17:00 – is “favorite” time for the kidneys because they are working on maximum at this moment recycling all the fluid in the body.

18:00 – the peak of nervousness as at this time the blood pressure increases.

19:00 – the phase of rehabilitation and physical activity (physical exercise can be done now).

20:00 – the active work of the brain.

21:00-22:00 – the body sets on resting.

23:00 – is considered to be the ideal time for bedtime, but at the same time the appetite wakes up, so it is better to go to sleep than to check what is in the refrigerator.

24:00-04:00 – it is necessary to devote this time to sleeping, as there is a cell renewal and reconstruction of destroyed structures, so it is better to spend those hours sleeping.


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