No, snail slime and milk won’t cure stroke – see a doctor...

No, snail slime and milk won’t cure stroke – see a doctor instead

A mixture of snail slime and evaporated milk is an instant cure for stroke, claims a Facebook post shared in Nigeria.

“This works hundred percent,” it reads. “Do this mixture regularly for instant results for patients suffering from stroke.” The post has been shared more than 5,000 times.

A stroke occurs when brain cells are suddenly deprived of oxygen and die. This can happen when blockage or rupture of an artery stops blood flow to the brain.

The risk factors for stroke include hypertension, elevated lipids, diabetes and other lifestyle factors such as smoking, low levels of physical activity, an unhealthy diet and abdominal obesity. Stroke can lead to death and survivors may experience loss of vision, speech, paralysis and dementia.

But can a simple mixture of snail slime and evaporated milk cure the symptoms of stroke?

Claim ‘distracts from real therapy’
The claimed cure has been posted on several websites. But Africa Check has found no evidence in scientific literature that it is effective.

Yakub Nyandaiti, a professor of neurology at the college of medical sciences at Nigeria’s University of Maiduguri, told us there was no basis for the claim.

“There is no scientific evidence to the claim,” he said.

“I have not read about the mixture. I am not even aware that such a mixture exists as a treatment for stroke. I would not advise any stroke patient to try the mixture. My simple advice to stroke patients is to visit a neurologist.”

Njideka Okubadejo, a professor of neurology at the faculty of clinical sciences at the University of Lagos, said the claim may actually harm victims of stroke.

“When a person suffers a stroke we have a clear strategy we put in place as treatment,” she said.

“It includes three things: physical therapy, medication and lifestyle modification. This strategy is the same all over the world. Advising stroke patients to combine snail water and milk distracts them from focusing on the things that can be beneficial to their health.”

If you or someone you know suffers a stroke, consult a doctor. The condition is serious and life-threatening, and will not be cured by a mixture of snail slime and evaporated milk.


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