Healthy foods that can make you fat

Healthy foods that can make you fat

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Iced tea: Tea contains disease-fighting antioxidants and has been linked to improved heart health and reduced risk for dementia. However, drinking sweetened bottled tea may do your health more harm than good. These products are loaded with sugar, and one bottle may contain two or more servings. Brew your own iced tea and add sweetener gradually to taste; you’ll probably use less than you’d get from a bottle. Or, simply buy an unsweetened variety.

Veggie burgers: Veggie burgers have less fat and cholesterol than traditional beef patties. Like any burger, though, you can easily add 1,000 calories or more by piling on cheese, ketchup, and mayo on a huge bun. Go easy on the toppings.

Tofu: Tofu is packed with iron, calcium, and protein, and a half-cup raw contains just 94 calories. Problem is, it can also sponge up the oil you’re cooking with, turning your healthy meal into a fat bomb. Stick to just one tablespoon of oil when making a stir fry.

Salad: Think you’re making a smart choice by ordering a salad? You are, as long as you don’t load your leafy greens with shredded cheese, croutons, candied nuts, and creamy dressing. Doing that can easily make your meal even more fattening than having pizza for dinner. Cut down on add-ons and go easy on the dressing – even some vinaigrette can be high in calories.

Energy bar: Energy bars are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates and are high on the glycemic index. Eat one while sitting at your desk, and you’ll feel the sugar rush – and then the crash. Though energy bars aren’t ideal for everyday snacking, they come in handy when you’re exercising for longer than an hour.

Cereal: Starting your day with a bowl of cereal can give you a dose of whole grains, fibre, and protein – or it can load you up with sugar and sodium.


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