Fight diabetes with exercise

Fight diabetes with exercise

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If you are suffering from diabetes, you should make exercise your top priority because it will help lower your blood sugar level and also reduce the risk of you having other health-related complications. Generally, regular exercise is a necessity for you if you want to enjoy total well-being and stable health.

To help you deploy energy that will ensure the release of more glucose from your muscles and liver, I have put these tips together for you to follow. Please make sure you consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise.

Increase your physical activities: Being physically active is the basic key to enjoying a happy, active and a healthy life as a diabetic patient. It would reduce your weight and also lower your blood glucose. You can engage in regular exercise, take walks, and dance regularly if you love to dance, take the stairs instead of the elevator, wash your car by yourself and even play with kids on a daily basis.

Get a pedometer: This is also called a step counter; it is used to measure the number of steps you take. It is very useful and portable; and you can wear it on your waist while taking a walk so that it counts all your steps. With the pedometer, you get to know how many steps you take in a day and try to improve on it the next day; or you can just set a target of 10,000 steps a day or more/less. This will make you take more walks throughout the day and your health will enjoy the benefits.

Exercise with friends: To exercise alone might be boring for you, make it fun by getting a friend or a partner to exercise with. You can also join a group exercise class that is suitable for your condition or you can just hire a personal fitness trainer to guide and motivate you through the right exercises you need to better your health.

Remember, do a 30-minute exercise of your choice for at least three days in a week or more. The more you exercise, the better result you will get. So, do more if you can.


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