Facts about breast cancer

Facts about breast cancer

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It is the most common cancer affecting women globally. The incidence of breast cancer is increasing rapidly in developing countries. This could be due to the adoption of urban life style in such countries.

Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Who can get breast cancer?

No one knows exactly why some women get breast cancer but we need to know the risk factors. These factors cannot be change as they are genetic factors.

Age – The chances of getting breast cancer increases as a woman gets older (more than 40 years).

Personal – Early onset of menses before 12 years, late menopause for women above 50 years.

Family history – If a sibling or parent has had cancer.

Controllable risk factors are obesity, high consumption of alcohol, smoking, infertility and having children after 35 years.

Is there a way to prevent breast cancer?

Yes, women can reduce their risk of developing cancer of the breast by getting by screening which means checking their breasts for painful lumps or painless lumps before they become cancerous.

Everybody above 20 years should do self-breast examination every month. Your doctor must examine you every year if you are above 30. Every woman must have a mammogram from the age of 45 years every year.

When to get in touch with the doctor?

When you notice a lump in the breast, a change in size and shape of the breast, nipple discharge or inversion,in addition to changes in the skin over the breast.

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