Should You Exercise Every Day?

Should You Exercise Every Day?

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There are many schools of thought on how often to exercise certain muscle groups, many say that you should train your abs every day, many say to get big biceps your should train those every day. If this is you then here are a few pointers that you may like to take into consideration.


Firstly if you target a specific muscle group every day then you are in danger of over-training, you may end up with fatigue in those muscles and your tendons may be damaged through over use. This is definitely not what you want as it can take a long time for tendons to heal correctly.

The exercise itself can become ineffective as your body adapts to this movement, and perhaps worse still you can end up with an imbalance in your strength which can cause problems in building strength in other parts of your body. For example if you train your shoulders every day you can end up with huge round spheres of muscle which will make your bench pressing or push ups less effective as your shoulder muscles will naturally take most of the tension out of your pectorals.

Your body adapts to the workload it is given and stronger muscles will always take most of the weight, it is a natural reflex your body has to protect or prevent you from injuring those weaker muscle groups.

If you do want to exercise every day then it is best not to target specific muscle groups. Better to choose low intensity exercise movements which involve lots of muscle groups, for example skipping is a brilliant exercise, swimming is another, power walking. Martial arts or boxing is another great form of exercise.

If you want to build strength in your muscles and want to train all of them every day, then you should only perform low intensity compound movements, you can’t perform three sets of one arm push ups to failure every day. You will burn out very quickly. Better to perform a movement of a lower level of intensity like the normal push up and perform only one or two sets but not to failure.

Compound exercise movements like the push up and the squat involve so many muscle groups during the movement that you end up getting a great workout for the entire body. All over body conditioning is what you end up with training compound movements.

Keeps your reps low and don’t train to failure and keep your sets low to only one or two sets per movement. Doing this prevents injury and burnout.


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