Common questions pet owners ask vet doctor (1)

Common questions pet owners ask vet doctor (1)

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Here are a few questions that veterinary doctors are usually asked and I thought to share their answers with you, just in case you have any any of these questions on your mind. Happy reading!

Is it okay for my kids to cuddle and play with our dogs?

Yes. However, the dog should have a stable temperament, and not aggressive. You should also ensure that your dog’s medical records are up-to-date, and that it has no ectoparasite infestation.

In addition, children should never be left unsupervised when they are playing with a dog because they may not be able to handle a huge dog that weighs over 25kg. It can get them injured while playing with them.

Is it healthy for my dog to stay indoors with me?

Yes; as long as your dog’s medical records are up-to-date, and if there are no parasites on its skin. In addition, a pet deodorising spray or cologne will also help to give an indoor dog a good smell.

Is there any spiritual implication if my dog cries at night?

No. It is just a myth as far as science is concerned.

How do I stop my dog from smelling?

Doggy smell is natural, but doggy odour is not. You can stop your dog from smelling by giving routine baths (not more than once a week). Baths can be done with an odour eliminating shampoo. In addition to this, deodorising sprays are also very useful in neutralising dog odour. Also, you must ensure that the dog’s kennel is well drained so that your dog does not come in contact with its urine or faeces. No matter what you apply, if the kennel is dirty, your dog will have doggy odour.

Is it good to feed my dogs with foetus from beef?

No. This is highly discouraged and unethical. In addition, the cow that carries the fetus may have a disease condition that can be transmitted to dogs. Some of these disease conditions can even have a negative impact on the reproductive system and general well-being of your dog.

I noticed a boil on my dog’s body and whenever I press it, maggot comes out?

This is a condition referred to as Myasis. It is caused by specie of fly that lays their eggs on flowers, grasses and sand. Whenever your dog comes in contact with the surfaces where such eggs have been laid, the eggs attach on their fur. In some cases, the eggs are laid directly on your dog’s body. These eggs later hatch and the larva (maggot) burrow into the skin of your pet.

How many times should I feed my dog per day?

This depends on the age of the dog. For a puppy, two to four times a day are okay; and, as it grows, you may reduce the number of intervals and increase the quantity. However, I don’t advice you feed it less than twice intervals daily.

At what age should I start deworming my puppy?

Routine deworming should start at two weeks of age because puppies become infested with worms while they are in their mummy’s womb.

At what age does my dog become an adult?

The maturity period for a dog is 18 months.

Which is better, dry food or cooked food?

Dry foods have been compounded with all the essential daily recommended vitamins and minerals so they will be better in meeting your dog’s daily nutritional requirement. On the other hand, the cooked food is also good because you can vary your ingredients and this will prevent the monotony of giving the same taste of food. However, when providing cooked food, caution should be taken to ensure that the meal is balanced and specific canine multivitamins are supplied.

I feed my dogs with bones. Is it okay?

Feeding bones to dogs should be done with great caution. It is advisable that bones are chopped before being fed to pets because some dogs can swallow large masses of bones that can be lodged in the esophagus and cause the dog to choke.  Flat bones and bones of chicken, turkey and other birds are discouraged because these bones can easily splinter and cause perforation of the stomach and intestines. This can result in death.

Is it normal for ticks to be found on a dog’s body?

Dogs naturally do not have and are not meant to have ticks. Ticks come on dogs from various sources such as a tick-infested dogs, cats, rats, or other areas where a tick-infested animal has passed through.

What tick and flea repellant do you recommend for my dog?

There are various brands of tick and flea repellants available in the market. However, any brand that contains an active ingredient called fipronil is preferred because fipronil has a good insecticidal effect, coupled with a long residual effect. It can repel ticks for up to one month after application, provided a bath is not given.

Which is better to bath my dog with: A pet soap or shampoo?

Anyone is okay. The soap is just in a solid form while the shampoo is in a liquid form. However, shampoos come in a variety of brands and in different fragrances. Some shampoos have conditioners that are good in bathing dogs with long coats.

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